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Attention all manic panic users:

How the hell do you get this shit to stay in your hair? My hair's had the shit bleached out of it, I did the vinegar thing to change the ph balance, I avoid shampooing as much as possible, and yet, 7-10 days later, it's almost imperceptible and I'm just another California blonde. Any ideas?

Also, I'm sorry to reiterate this again, but I'm still in dire need of financial help. Losing a month due to medical and mental health shit fucked me royally. I'm digging out, shaking my ass in Hollywood, wheeling and dealing and networking, living as clean and healthy as I can, but not fast enough. If you can spare anything, I'm totally willing to do something in return, card readings, house cleanings and massages (although I can only do house cleanings and massages in the L.A. area, unless you wanna buy the plane ticket), writing you something, pay you back, dirty panties, special made candle magic for any specific issue, hours of unlicensed pseudo-therapy, phone sex, cover letters, I'll call in sick for you, references of any kind, the secret to making the perfect martini or how to make a regular old can of spaghetti sauce taste really fucking good, racy made up stories about midget fucking, advice on anything I know about, whatever you want, within reason of course, I'm not selling my soul... yet.

And please keep those thoughts, prayers, and any little bits o' magic you can send my way a comin.

Button is below. If you would prefer not to use paypal, email me and I'll give you direct deposit information. I promise I'll stop asking soon. Besides which, this really isn't helping my pride too much, but you gotta try everything right?

manic panic

Date: 2007-04-30 06:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] msandromeda.livejournal.com
since they changed the formula (four years ago now?) it doesn't stay in for shit. punky colors works better, i think.

Re: manic panic

Date: 2007-04-30 06:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] whatarewordsfor.livejournal.com
Yeah, I used to use punky color, but I haven't found a distributer here. Plus I don't think cotton candy pink has as much staying power with as pale as it is. It looks so hot though! Does wonders for the complexion.

Date: 2007-05-02 04:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] errhead.livejournal.com
the best way i've found to get the color to stick well is to braid the hair tightly after applying the dye, then heat treat as long as i can work the hair dryer
i can get 2 or 3 months of decent purple that way

Date: 2009-02-28 05:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] xaotica.livejournal.com

random person came in via comment on [livejournal.com profile] skipbreakfast's journal.

it's not you, it's manic panic. it washes out the most quickly of any of the unusual colored dyes. special effects is the longest lasting of the readily available kinds. i also don't wash my hair daily when i have a color like that in...

Date: 2009-02-28 07:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] whatarewordsfor.livejournal.com
Whoa. Hi. I forgot about this post. Most of my entries are locked down. Yeah, I finally just wrote off the manic panic cotton candy pink as a temporary thing. But it's good for now since I can't keep it pink all the time anymore, but on vacations, etc. I get to rock it. I never tried the special effects pink, I think they might have been out of stock or didn't carry it wherever I was at the time. I did used to use a sort of deadly nightshade dye from them but I was in Seattle and had to make sure not to ever wear white and always carry an umbrella. I had a brief fling with Punky Color, but I don't even know if they make that anymore and I don't remember that one staying in the hair all that well either.

Although manic panic pink did stain the bathroom scale in my sublet and never came out. So weird.

I once saw a fetish magazine that had a smoking spread with a girl that had creamy white skin, blue eyes and pink hair and it was the hottest thing I'd seen in a long time and was my inspiration once I had finally gotten it light enough. There's just something sexy about cotton candy pink hair. It's just more... fun.


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