Jan. 18th, 2007

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I'm just having. One of those days. When. You just can't do anything. Except zone out. Lay in a lump. Read web comics or some such shit. Drink every single shot of espresso your roommate offers you. And yet. Not get up. Little caffeine demons crawl around in your brain like ants and all you do is. Click. Click. Click. Malapropriate. Periods in sentences. Staring off into space. White noise hum in brain. Chat with Utah. Chat with Australia. Chat with Seattle. Go to Taco Bell. Watch Sex and the City on KTLA. What is that fucking smell in my room? Oh. It's me, from when I picked up the puppy that needs a bath. Shirt and hands smell like some serious doggie. But damn, she's cute. All rollin in saliva and cow hooves. Zoned. Out. Cold. Chilly. Yes, chillly. Really friggin cold for this area making it seem even colder. Just one of those days when you cant. Do. A goddamned thing. Nothing scheduled. Nothing pressing. So you just. Hang out. And Do nothing. Which would normally be okay. You don't have to do something. Everyday.

But today. It's not okay. Today it is not okay that I did nothing. Do you know why? And I must ask myself about this weird, cruel twist of fate. This cosmic joke. This proof of the existence of God, because only god could be so ironic.

Today. I am having. The BEST HAIR DAY EVER.

No kidding.

My hair is fucking gorgeous right now. It falls just so. It looks just right. It is fucking Sexy. As. Hell. Ever so slightly inexplicably tousled to perfection, slight remnant of prodct giving it just the right texture, humidity just perfect, the light hitting it at every right angle, showcasing every last variant of gold highlight. Yesterday's styling rearranging itself into something magnificent. The hairstyle of Pure. Genius.

Tomorrow I will wake up. I will feel better. I will be inspired to venture forth into the world. But by tomorrow, the forecast is flattened waves, and a buildup of hairspray requiring the intervention of extremely hot styling tools. Or shampoo.

I swear you just can't ever have it all.


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